A "Work Truck" at your disposal.

Focus on the job. We'll handle the supplies.

Your First Delivery Is FREE!


How can I place an order?

Visit the business for pickup or delivery and fill out the form.
Allow a minimum of 2 hours for pickup and delivery, meeting your specified time requirement.

What are the delivery fees?

Orders $0.00 - $175: $35 delivery fee.
Orders $175 - $400: 20% of the total order cost.
Orders exceeding $400+: 15% of the total order cost.
Upisland: Custom fee.

Where does Work Truck Service?

We currently cover areas south of the Malahat and out to Sidney.
Open to quick notice trips up island for fair compensation.

How can I change my payment information?

Visit the link at the bottom of our website to update your information.

How does payment work?

We'll purchase your products using our payment cards. Upon delivery, we'll capture a picture of your receipt, leave it for you, and charge your card (secured by Stripe) for the total amount, fees, and tax.

What about returns?

If we make an error, the delivery is free.
If you provide incorrect pickup information, fees will still apply, as it's not the fault of Work Truck.

How will I know my delivery is dropped off?

Expect a call or text upon delivery.

What if I'm not there to accept the delivery?

We'll attempt to contact you and leave your delivery in the safest spot possible. Additionally, we'll provide photographic proof of delivery.

What if I have already placed the order?

Certainly. Our order form will ask you a few questions, allowing us to arrange pickup based on your preferences or business account.

What if the supplier is out of stock?

In the event that a supplier is out of stock, our driver will contact you to inquire about a substitute item or an alternative store. Should our driver be required to visit a different store, a $15 charge will apply for the additional time spent locating your product. It's advisable to call your supplier in advance to confirm product availability.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out to info@worktruckdelivery.com.