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Cloverdale Paint

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  • Interior and exterior paints
  • Primers and sealers
  • Stains and varnishes
  • Specialty coatings
  • Industrial and commercial paints
  • Architectural coatings
  • Wood finishes
  • Decorative concrete products

Cloverdale Paint, established in 1933, is a leading regional manufacturer and supplier of high-quality paint and coatings. Our commitment to quality and direct pricing philosophy began with our co-founder, Rudy Henke. Over the years, we've grown into one of North America's largest paint product providers.

We take pride in our skilled technicians, advanced manufacturing equipment, and top-notch ingredients, resulting in quality products catering to professional and industrial clients. Our product range includes environmentally friendly options, like Ecologic® Waterborne enamels.

As a family business, we value strong community ties, believing they are essential for good business. Recent acquisitions, including Rodda Paint Company, Guertin Coatings Ltd., Peintures-Option Industrielle, and Serif Coatings, reflect our commitment to growth.

With over 85 years of experience, Cloverdale Paint continues to thrive and expand in the industry. We look forward to a promising future.

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